Hayley Goodfairer, (played by Samantha Burton), is one of the main characters in Sandlot 2 and the love interest of David Durango, (played by Max-Lloyd Jones). Hayley is a head-strong young 12-year-old who is the pitcher for the "Diamond Diggers." Her best friends are Penny and Jenny who are also on the "Diamond Diggers." Hayley first meets David on the very last day of school when he bumps into her and knocks all her books down. David is too amazed by her beauty to even say a word, so Hayley does all the talking. "You're suppose to say you're sorry...?" Later in the summer Hayley meets David again, however; they both act as though they hate each other. Hayley, Penny, and Jenny are seen by "the boys of the sandlot," playing baseball on "their," lot. They demand for the girls to leave but when each group doesn't want to, they plan a compromise. Hayley bets that she could strike Mac out with three pitches. David subs in for Mac after he gets the first strike. After that, David consistantly hits foul balls until his parents call him in for dinner. Later on, the girls end up teaming with the boys to take down their rivals (Singleton's Team.) Singleton hits Hayley in the stomach as Hayley is headed home and David comes to her rescue and punches Singleton in the face. Later David jumps the wall to get the spaceship back and Hayley and him share a kiss at the end of the movie. Hayley Goodfairer turns out to become a super model and a pitcher for the Olympic Soft Ball Team and meets with David after graduating college and gets married.

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